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Bent Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator

The amazing Epiwand epilator will help you to remove unwanted facial hair quickly and easily.

Effective Facial Hair Removal!

Magically remove unwanted facial hair from you chin, cheeks and upper lip.

Suitable For Sensitive Skin!

Eliminate the use of potentially harmful bleaching creams that can possibly burn and discolour sensitive skin.

Convenient & Easy To Use!

Epiwand is travel size and can be used on the go, or in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Simply Bend & Roll.

Hair Grows Back Thinner!

Removing hair from the root will ensure your facial hair will grow back less coarse and less noticeable over time.

Customer Testimonials!

Works a treat definately worth a try

I love this its so simple yet so effective I now have a fuzz free upper lip within a couple of minutes use and no irritation which is a big plus. It does tingle in use and made me sneeze but it does the job so effectively its worth keeping going, afterwards I put some moisturizer on treated area. I would definitely recommend to others. maybejustmaybe – 9th Feb 2015

I wish I’d known about this years ago!

Being a woman of a ‘certain age’ I have started to develop assorted hairs sprouting from my face that were definitely not there in my youth. The most annoying ones being those that seem to appear overnight on my chin, and that are completely impossible to remove since by the time I’ve lifted my head enough to see them in the mirror with enough clarity to attack them with the tweezers, I then can’t see them in the mirror because my head is tilted back. One session with the Epiwand and I am now completely fuzz free. I’ll confess it took a couple of practice attempts to get the hang of things, and I can’t claim that it was completely painless – but definitely no more so than pinching your face with the tweezers because you’ve missed the hair you were aiming for! Jules Hayward – 15th Jan 2015

Results Last Up To 6 Weeks!

Depending on your rate of facial hair regrowth, you can now enjoy a beautifully smooth face for up to 6 weeks!

No Batteries Or Maintenance Required!

Epiwand is maintenance free and requires no batteries, simply add to your weekly/monthly beauty regime.

No More Expensive Beauty Treatments!

Save time & money on expensive hair removal treatments such as laser treatment, sugaring, waxing, threading and electrolysis.

Low Cost Facial Hair Solution!

Epiwand is great value as a one off payment will give you great facial hair removal results that will last you for months to come.

More 5 Star Customer Testimonials!

One word-amazing

Arrived quickly, amazing product which is so simple but effective, never found anything this effective and I have really sensitive skin. Well worth buying 🙂 Miss G L Baldwin – 11th Jan 2015

Would really recommend the Epiwand

I just bought this item as I was tired of having my top lip burnt with the various creams available. Must admit I made my first attempt with a lot of trepidation but it’s really great. Think I’ll get more efficient with practice but very pleased with the results. Yes it does hurt a bit but no where near as much as using tweezers or the burns from the creams. For once this is a product that does not dissapoint. JK (UK) – 8th Feb 2015