Frequestly Asked Questions

Here is a selection of our most frequesntly asked questions.
How does the Epiwand epilator work?
A detailed leaflet with full instructions on how to use your Epiwand are provided within each Epiwand box. For full instructions please see our page on how it works.
Will removing hair from the root cause ingrowing hairs?
No. Using your Epiwand as instructed should not encourage ingrowing hairs, especially over time as hair grows back thinner and less course. Always keep your skin clean and healthy by using a gentle exfoliating face wash to help exfoliate your skin and keep your pores clean and unblocked.
Can I use my Epiwand on other parts of my body?
Epiwand is designed to remove facial hair from your chin, cheeks and upper lip areas only. Epiwand is not to be designed to be used on other parts of the body including your eye brow and bikini area.
Is using an Epilator painful?
The Epiwand epilator is designed to remove facial hair from the root, therefore new users who have not removed facial hair by the root before may be find that removing facial hair using an epilator may be a little painful and sensitive at first. This sensitivity should decease as you get more accustomed to removing hair from the root. You may also experience that your facial hair will grow back thinner and less course over time.
How often should I use my Epiwand?
Frequency of use all depends on how quickly your facial hair grows back. For some people this is may be a few weeks, for others it may be every few days.
How do I clean my Epiwand?
After each use, simply tap your Epiwand gently over a bin, and clean with a clean dry cloth. Do not wash with water, as this may damage your Epiwand.
How long will my Epiwand last?
Your Epiwand is strong and durable, and providing you take care of it, could last you for a year or 2.
How old do you have to be to use an Epiwand?
Epiwand is not suitable for children, but can be used by people of all ages who have noticeable facial hair that they wish to remove safely and efficiently.
Keep out of reach of small children.
Can Epiwand be used by Men?
Epiwand can be used by men, although normally men inherently have more dense, thicker and course facial hair.
Where can I purchase my Epiwand?
Simple visit our shop by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

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