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Learn how to use your Epiwand...

Facial Hair Removal Instructions.

Please carefully read these instructions first to help you to experience the safest and best hair removal performance from Epiwand.

How to Use Your Epiwand Epilator.

1. Simply take hold of the Epiwand with both hands by grasping the handles using your thumb, index and middle finger, and bend the Epiwand downwards to form a u-shape, with the stainless steel spring at the top.
2. Place the Epiwand against your skin and roll and twist the handles in a continuous inward and outward motion, gently lifting and removing the hair from it’s root.
3. For best results, continue to roll the Epiwand backwards and forwards over the same area against the direction of hair growth until all hair is removed.
4. Cleanse, tone and moisturise (Optional).
5. Enjoy a smooth hairless face.

Useful Tips For Best Results.

Ensure that the Epiwand remains in an inverted “U” shape, as you roll the epiwand against the direction of hair growth.
Keep your skin as taut as possible, and when removing hair from your upper lip, try gently stretching your skin by pushing your tongue outwards.
If you are new to removing hair from the roots, you may experience some minor sensitivity whilst your hair is being removed.
This sensitivity should become reduced as your skin becomes more accustomed to using the Epiwand.
Frequency of use will differ from person to person, depending on your individual rate of hair growth. Hair does not need to be fully grown to use the Epiwand.
The more you use your Epiwand, the finer and less noticeable your hair re-growth may be over time.